Monday, October 8, 2007

Turret Arch - Arches National Park, Utah - Tips for photos and travel

turret Arch

Turret Arch is a very well known geological structure inside the Arches National Park, Utah. Arches National Park contains the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches. Once you are here, you can plan to Hike, Bike, Do rock climbing, horse riding, ATV off-road tours etc. Perhaps even take the Guided tours .Unfortunately I reached there around noon. The flat light will make the pictures dull. If you can reach there for sunset you can really make the pictures pop. Here is a map of the location.

Map of Arches National Park

Tips for getting good photos here

  • The best times to visit and photograph this location is early morning or late evening. The color of the red rocks will be enhanced by the good lighting.
  • Watch for the forecast as it rained the day we went there and we lost much time.
  • Pack your lunch and snacks and get lots of water. Rest rooms and Drinking water are available only in very select locations inside the park.
  • You would need a tripod and a polarizing filter to get good shots
  • If you have a neutral density filter, that would help when the sky is real bright.
  • Try out multiple exposures for HDRs and experiment with Panos
  • Make sure that you don't obstruct other persons view when u shoot

The park has a nominal entrance fee of 10$ per vehicle which is good for 7 days. Make sure that you book your accommodation in advance as The nearby town of MOAB will get filled easily on summer weekends. The downtown has some excellent shops to buy Native Indian art and some good restaurants. Make sure that you grab a copy of the Downtown guide from your hotel. Its is also available in the shops along on the sidewalk. While you are there, please don't forget the Other major parks there like the Canyonlands National Park and Zion

I would Suggest getting one of the following books that would help you understand more about the park and the state

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