Saturday, October 6, 2007

Preview - Canon EOS 400D / Rebel Xti


Canon EOS Rebel XTi - 400D

What's Hot about this ?

Canon's latest Entry level Digital SLR that packs a lot of punch

  • 10 MP CMOS Sensor

  • 3 point dust reduction technology

    • dust shake off from the low pass filter

    • construction from dust resistant materials

    • software based dust mapping and removal

  • 2.5 inch LCD

  • RGB Histogram as well as Brightness Histogram

  • Continuous shooting at 3 frames per second

  • Large image buffer that holds 27 JPEG or 10 RAW images

  • Nine point Auto Focus

  • Picture Styles (previously available in 5D)

Recommended for

If you are serious about phtography and upgrading from a point and shoot camera.

One of the best entry level SLRs available.

If you want to learn photography and improve your pictures.

(The previous model of this camera Rebel XT is also still popular and really worth looking at as its available much cheaper than the XTi)

I have owned this camera for over an year. Checkout My Flickr Gallery for more sample pictures taken with it

Other cameras that you might want to consider

Nikon D40X, Canon Rebel XT (350D)

Buyer Beware: There are a lot of scam operators trying to sell cameras at a very low price. Keep away from them and buy from reliable dealers only. I recommend going to websites like and before making the purchase

Or buy it from a reputed store like Amazon

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