Monday, October 1, 2007

Low Light shooting Tips - Old Abandoned wood house near MOAB,Utah

This picture is featured at Deviant Art

On our way to MOAB Utah, we stopped to fuel and get snacks. It was evening time and I noticed this old wood house by the side of the gas station. Shot with a canon 18-55 USM at 55mm. Color and level adjusted in Adobe Lightroom.

Tips for low light shooting
Shooting under low light can be quite challenging. Tripod is a must to capture all the magic and glow in the sky and the surroundings. This time was able to support my hands on rails near the gas station. This gave me enough support to capture this shot without the need for a tripod. Always remember that when u shoot handled using a non image stabilized lens, you need to make sure that the shutter speed is at least one stop more than the focal length you are shooting at. Please consider the field-of-view multiplication factor (1.6x for APSC Canon, 1.5x for Nikon cropped models) when you calculate the effective focal length. I was short of time here and quickly took this shot. It was framed loosely and finally cropped later in post processing to give a more pleasing layout.

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