Monday, October 29, 2007

Winter Photography Tips and Tricks - Part 2

Here are some more useful tips for proper metering in tricky situations

1) Meter off the blue sky

If you have a clear blur sky over you, a very good approximation of average metering can be obtained by metering off the sky.

2) Metering off your Hand

Your hand can also act as a good exposure metering source. if the same light falling on the object you are planning to photograph is falling on your hand, then you can adjust for a proper exposure of the palm of your hand. Its important to remember that you need to open one stop more of light after you have set proper exposure for your hand. The easiest way achieve this by adjusting the shutter speed. If you see 1/60 sec as a proper exposure on you hand, the opening one stop more will give you 1/30 sec. Keep Aperture constant here. If you use the manual mode, you should find this easy. Another way is to keep increase aperture by one stop. This will impact the depth of field and therefore not suited in certain situations (same can be said with shutter speed also). If you are adjusting the aperture, then if if you need to open op one stop, then go to the next lower f number. If the current aperture is f5.6, then move to f4. The color differences in skin wil not make major changes to your exposure.

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