Monday, October 13, 2008

Tons of Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom - onOne Software

I recently came across this collection of 85 presets from onOne Software. Many of them are very useful. In my experience this has eliminated most of my tweaking around with the controls. Most of the time One or more of these presets is all that i need to get my stuff done.

As per the company website the colection contains

85 Lightroom Presets Included in this free collection Lightroom presets designed by Jack Davis:

  • 8 White Balance presets
  • 11 Tone Curve presets
  • 4 Vibrance presets
  • 18 HSL presets
  • 12 Black & White presets
  • 5 Warm Tinting presets
  • 5 Cool Tinting presets
  • 8 Dark Vignette presets
  • 8 Light Vignette presets

The link to download is

A sample of a photo tweaked with multiple presets (no other tweaking) shown below.

Garden of Gods, Colorado

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