Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HDRSoft releases Photomatrix High Dynamic Range (HDR) Plugin for Lightroom

HDR or High Dynamic Photography can give dramatic results when used properly. Photomatrix is the best HDR program that i have tried. Recently noted that they have released a plugin for Adobe Lightroom.


The above  picture is a sample HDR from my archives and i did not use this specific program/plugin to create this effect. This was achieved by merging 3 separate Exposures of various levels in the HDR program.

The Plugin can be downloaded for Lightroom 2 or 1.3/1.4  here. Versions older than 1.3 are not supported. The instructions for setting up the plugin is also available ay the site.

Try shooting a sunset with normal , +2/3 and 2/3 exposure brackets and combine them in Lightroom. If you dont have Lightroom, then you can try the same using a trial version of Photomatrix pro (adds watermarks) or few free utilities available.

If you dont have any HDR photos available, then you can use Photoshop, and follow this tutorial to give an HDR look to your photos

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