Sunday, November 16, 2008

Zoom Blur Camera Trick for Lights and Fireworks

Zoom blur is a creative variation that can be applied to photos. You could use it in a variety of situations and not just photos of lights or fireworks. When applied elsewhere, the purpose is to take the readers view directly to the intended subject of focus in the picture.

Here is how the above picture was taken.

  • The above photo of fireworks is a long exposure. This means you will need a tripod
  • Set your camera to manual/Tv mode. Choose an exposure long enough to capture the image. I have used 2 seconds here
  • I chose to keep ISO @ 100.
  • Use of cable release is recommended to avoid excessive shake. any shake will show up in these images. However if you dont have a cable release, dont worry too much about it. The shake itself will show up as  effects in this case.
  • Which one hand press the shutter button when the time is right. In this case I have pressed the remote shutter of my cable release.
  • Turn the zoom ring of your lens while the image is being recorded (While the Shutter is open and your viewfinder is blocked) . I would suggest turning only in one direction, however feel free to experiment.
  • when the shutter closes (in this case after 2 seconds) review your image and make any changes in exposure time, iso. In this type of image change to the shutter speed will have the maximum impact.

If  you want to try other options to get this effect, then there are Photoshop filters available.

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