Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Adding Copyright Watermark and Border in Adobe Lightroom


Although watermarking this is a common and much needed feature for those of us who share images on the web, i was not able to use lightroom to do it for me out of the box. The same was the case with adding neat borders to images something that i want to do for some images before uploading into picasa/flickr.


After much researching on the Internet, i came across a way this can be achieved. Its not a simple one step process. it involves installing a plugin named light room morgify, installing imagemagik a free software and then making them work together.


Detailed instructions on morgify approach can be found here

If you dont use flickr, you can ignore the export to flickr plugin mentioned there.

Another useful resource on the approach is


(a sample picture developed using this plugin with 4 borders and copyright message is shown above.  The photo was taken almost an year back while camping in the rocky mountains.)

Please note that you need a separate copyright image file to overlay to get this effect. You can create one in photoshop or download it from the Internet. If you are not able to get one still, i can send you one.

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