Monday, November 2, 2009

Nikon launches Learn & Explore iPhone App

If you have an iPhone and an interest in photography, things cant get better than this.

Imagine you are waiting for the fireworks display on 4th of July and you can check some quick tips on the spot. Think you are on a weekend hike and found yourself in front of a beautiful waterfall or saw a rare bird. Now you have a good photographic reference source that you can take with you on a safari or to the local festival that you want to shoot. The app is obviously speaks Nikon language, but is very useful for canon loyalists or users of other camera brands as well.

Some of the possibilities listed by Nikon include…

  • Read an article on getting the most from your travel photography while you’re on vacation.
  • Check information on adjusting depth of field or selecting the right shutter speed when you’re taking photos at your child’s sporting event.
  • Access advice on the right aperture for shooting photos indoors when you’re attending a wedding. It

Here are some screen shots to get you started

image image
Official Link:
So if you have an iPhone, try it now and let Nikon know your feedback. you can send your feedback on what you want to see on Learn & Explore to

Canon, lets see what you have in store for us…

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