Friday, July 17, 2009

Objective Comparison of Nikon D5000 and Canon 1000D/ Rebel XS

Nikon D5000 and Canon 1000D / Rebel XS are the two basic D SLR offerings from the leading brands. Here is a comparison of the two cameras compiled from multiple sources where I refer when I need to choose between cameras .

  • Data provided by DxoMark

DxoMark is a new comparison site that compares camera sensors based on mathematically measurable factors presenting solid results on the image capturing capabilities


As you can see the comparison from DXOMark gives advantage to Nikon D5000. It clearly scores higher in Dynamic Range and Low ISO capability.

  •  reviews - Comparison
  • 100 - 5 star reviews and 21 - 4 stars for the Canon 1000D
  • 20 -5 star and 10- 4 Star ratings for Nikon D5000


Obviously Canon got better reviews here because canon was around longer (10 months more than the Nikon).

  • Sample Images from Flickr

The best place to find the best images images and popularity stats of the cameras from Flickr



  • Popularity around the world - Flickr Stats
  • Flickr camera stats show how popular a model is around the world

Canon has a much higher popularity while Nikon seems to have lost its initial momentum that it got while sales started off.

  • Subjective Comparison from DPreview
Canon 1000D
Nikon D5000

While the results are pretty close with both Brands scoring a "Highly Recommended" status, you can see that the Nikon scored higher in features and the Canon scored higher in Image Quality

  • Conclusion:

Both Canon EOS 1000D and Nikon D5000 are very capable cameras for a person stepping into Digital SLR photography from point and shoot or Film cameras. If you already have Lenses available from Canon/Nikon, then i would suggest to go with the same brand. After all the lenses will surely outlive the camera body. You cannot go wrong with either cameras and they should give you a good band for your buck.


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Canon EOS 1000D / XS Nikon D5000

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